About ‘ashokathoughts’

Do you want to be more creative? Do you want to know about ART and want to enjoy MUSIC, PAINTINGS etc.?

If, YES, then you are at the right place.

This website is about CREATIVITY and ART. These are not merely thoughts but an effort to enhance creativity in every walk of life, in business, everyday life and in artistic skills. Some assignments, exercises, and practices will be discussed. The website is for each one, who wants to develop him or her to enjoy life.

The vision set is to reach one million enthusiasts in the next ten years, by 2028.

Also, the thinker platform is available, where I am expecting discussions from the experts and intellectuals. Also, readers can give suggestions here.

The senses of the human and the brain processing of the signals, which come from the sensors (Basically I am an Engineer..) play a major role in creativity. For enjoying life, one has to sharpen his/her sensors, develop a sense of vision, sound, touch, taste, and smell. The main focus is on honing the senses.

Expecting response (not reaction) from you.

Thanks and let’s begin the journey.

Dr Ashoka