Do you want to be more CREATIVE?

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Understanding is essential if you want to appreciate ART.


‘Ashokathoughts’ is a dedicated website to


I believe, every person is Creative, and

Here you can enhance your creativity.

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About ‘Ashokathoughts’

CREATIVITY is an important aspect of human life. People think of Creativity is all about art forms and artists. Some people say ‘Making something new is creativity’. Honestly, there is nothing new in creativity.

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how did they something, they fill little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something, it seemed obvious to them after a while.”

-Steve Jobs

The lifestyle is altered in this COVID period. Human relations and human business have got the new dimensions. Creativity and creative thinking is the need for survival.

‘Ashokathoughts’ is dedicated to creativity. Here you will get all which is require for enhancement of creativity. Thinking algorithms, idea creation techniques, methodologies, creativity habits, exercises and all needed for boosting of creativity. ‘Ashokathoughts’ will run courses for executives, business-persons and kids.

‘Art Appreciation’ is for enjoyment of life. When you find the beauty in the art, that ‘Eureka’ moment is a real bliss for you. ‘Ashokathoughts’ will be arranging courses with the help of renowned artists in various Art forms for you.

‘Ashokathoughts’ is a movement for you.

Prin. Dr. Ashok Gaikwad