We, the Humans and Limitations of Our Senses

We, the Humans and Limitations of Our Senses

Elephant can sense the sound better than humans.

We, the Humans and Limitations of Our Senses


Human Limitations

Our senses are the windows through which we experience the world. We, humans, have limitations of our senses. I mean, our windows have limitations.

About vision:

We can sense with our eyes only the wavelength range of 400nm to 700nm. That is from violet to red (VIBGYOR). Along with this human visibility band, the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum has radio-frequencies, microwave frequencies, infrared, ultraviolet, X-rays, gamma rays, etc. which we can not sense. If we divide the Electro-Magnetic spectrum into 1 million equal parts, then we can sense only 35 parts out of one million. It’s a very narrow slit. Cats and dogs can sense ultraviolet radiation and infrared radiation as well.

About listening:

We can sense the sound of 20Hz to 20KHz by our ears. We can’t sense other than these sound frequencies. Elephants can sense the frequencies less than 20Hz frequencies and also more than 20KHz frequencies. It is believed that two elephants can communicate with each other though they are departed more than 6 miles.

Watch the following video to know about the elephant’s hearing capacity. Elephants can also hear through their feet.

Same story with our other senses, which are the sense of smell, sense of touch, and sense of taste. Other animals have better senses than ours. We lost the sensitivity of our senses as we evolve. It is a well-known fact that tribal people have better senses than urban or civilized people. The law of nature is the body parts that we do not use vanishes. It is estimated that 15 body parts will disappear in the near future. The Same law is applicable to our senses also. The tribes which are fighting for their survival have better sensitive senses than ours. 

Hone your senses

At the beginning of the article, I have mentioned ‘Our senses are windows to the world’. Honestly speaking, it is a very narrow slit, through which we are sensing the world. With the available sensitivity of our senses, we are not fully enjoying the world. Ignorance is the enemy of knowledge. Many beautiful events are happening around us, but because of our ignorance, we miss these events. Ultimately miss the enjoyment.

Therefore, for enjoying life and the beautiful world, we have to hone our senses, develop our tastes towards Art. We have to train our senses to enjoy life. For appreciating good paintings train your eyes and also the brain. To appreciate good music you have to train your ears and also the brain. Similarly for good taste train your tongue and for sensing good aromas train your nose.  


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