How Does Creative Person Think?
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How Does Creative Person Think?

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How Does Creative Person Think?

How Does Creative Person Think?
How Does Creative Person Think?

The million-dollar question is “How Does Creative Person Think?”. Let’s discuss in this small article the thinking process of a creative person.

You have to be imaginative to become a creative person. Because imagination is the first step in creativity.

Even your weird ideas also could come into reality. In fact, the ideas which do not come in reality remain imagination. It is not creativity.

For ages, no one thought a man could ever go out of the planet. Now, NASA sent a Parker Solar Probe to study the Sun. Eion Musk is planning to colonize Mars.

Four stages of Creativity

Is there some systematic approach to generate ideas? Yes… Graham Wallas, the famous English Psychologist, discussed four stages of creativity in his book, ‘Art of Thought’. He discusses four steps, Preparation, Incubation, Illumination, and Verification.

Let’s discuss these four stages one by one.

1. Preparation:

Knowledge is the powerhouse of ideas. For gaining knowledge, you must have the curiosity of the child. I will discuss in the coming posts about curiosity, exercises, and practices to enhance curiosity. Along with all these, Experiences also play a major role in increasing your knowledge. The more knowledge you acquire, the more data is available to your subconscious mind to form random connections, do permutations and combinations. In short, your database must be strong.

2. Incubation:

Once you start thinking. Don’t overwork on that. Have patience. Many people think that you are defocusing, going away from your thoughts. Even though you are in your routine work, your mind is working on the idea. I prefer to go for a long walk in nature. The idea is cooking in your mind. This step is rightly called ‘Incubation’.

3. Illumination:

This is the step when the light bulb glows in your mind. The idea, which you are looking for, suddenly pops up in your mind. There is no time for illumination. Your bulb may glow at midnight when you are in deep sleep or you are talking with someone. It is necessary, you must have a notebook to register your thought. The chances are you may forget the idea or some important link may miss. I always advise the creative person should keep a notebook and pencil all the time with him/her.

4. Verification:

This is the step to turn your idea into reality. Earlier two steps, incubation and illumination, take place in the subconscious mind, which is out of your control. Now your knowledge and experience have to work to convert your idea into reality. This is the work of your conscious mind. The world appreciates your creativity only after the verification.

By practice, you can train your subconscious mind and become creative. Gaining knowledge and experience is important. For that, you have to be curious. You may read my post ‘How to enhance your creativity’.

In the next post, I will talk about the principles on which creativity works.

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