Touch: The First Assignment on the senses
Touch the first assignment

Touch: The First Assignment on the senses

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Touch: The First Assignment on the Senses

Helen Keller: Her sense of touch was so strong that she sensed sound by touch.

One of the greatest sensuists (Someone who rejoices in sensory experience) of all time was a handicapped woman with several senses gone. She was blind, deaf and mute. Yes… She was Helen Keller. Her sense of touch was so developed that she put her hands on the radio set to enjoy music. She could tell the difference between the sound of string instruments and wind instruments. She listened to the stories from her friend Mark Twain by putting her hand on his lips. Despite her handicaps, she was more robustly alive than many people of her generation. (Ref.:’A Natural History of Senses’ by Diane Ackerman)

“The five senses are the ministers of the soul.” —LEONARDO DA VINCI

 Touch: The First Assignment

One can develop his or her senses by will and efforts. This is the first assignment on the senses. Let us start with the sense ‘TOUCH’.

Assignment: Feeling the various textures and notice and observing various feels to the fingers and skin.

This assignment is for the whole one day. It will start at the beginning of the day when you will wake up. Feel the first touch of your feet to the floor. Consciously feel the texture of the carpet. You might take walk on the grass. Feel the texture, the temperature of the grass. How much force you are applying to the stirring of the car or the motorcycle handle grips.

Also feel the warmth of the sunrays falling on your body. The breeze touching your face. Feel different shake hands with different people. The grip, warmness or coldness and the texture of hands.

Describe your experience in words. (Not necessarily in English. In your mother tongue. For sending the assignment, English, Hindi or Marathi)


e.g. 1. 8.00 AM: I am on the terrace of the building. I am sensing tiles. Tiles are slightly slippery because of yesterday’s rain. One side of my body is feeling the slight heat of the sun and another side the wind. My shirt is fluttering because of the wind. I am feeling the wind force.

4.30 PM: I am drinking coffee. Sensing the coffee mug, its weight, and warmness of the steam coming off the coffee with the aroma.

Use your notbook/sketchbook, which I instruct to keep in last post, to record your touch experiences.

Find out different words (at least ten) for expressing your feelings of touch, texture (e.g. silky)

Submit this assignment to the email:

Please specify the subject ‘Assignment 1: Touch’.

I am sure, you’ll enjoy this assignment.


  1. ‘A Natural History of Senses’ by Diane Ackerman
  2. ‘How to think like a Leonardo Da Vinci’, Michael J. Gelb

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