About me
About me: Dr. Ashok Gaikwad

About Me

Nice to meet you.

I am Ashoka, a Creativity Guru. It is a need of the hour to live smartly and enjoy life. Because It is said that you have to go deep in the sea for getting the best pearls.

It is necessary to ignite your thought process. We have trained to think sequentially. But sometimes it is better to think laterally. Thinking has a major role in enhancing creativity. I’ll discuss exercises to enhance creativity and sharpen your sensors. Because our senses are the windows to the beautiful world.

I am a doctorate in Engineering. My research is in ‘Optical Fiber Sensors’.

Being a Professor in Engineering and the Principal of an Engineering college, I have studied many students and gathered a lot of experience.

Music is my heartbeat. I love to play the flute and many other musical instruments. Also, listening to good music is always bliss.

To develop a sense of color, I started to play with watercolors. Just imagine, how life is when there are no colors. I love to paint landscapes with watercolor. Honestly, I am not a painter. But love to play with colors.

I have directed dramas, design costumes, design sets, and music for dramas. Also, assisted editing of cinema for almost 3 years.

For all this, I read a lot. Because I believe, books are the great teachers and your true friends.

Now eager to share my experiences, my knowledge with you. Life is beautiful and let’s live it with cheers.

Will you join me in this beautiful journey? Let’s begin.

Dr. Ashoka Gaikwad